Advances in Modern Statistical Theory and Applications

Advances in Modern Statistical Theory and Applications

A Festschrift in honor of Morris L. Eaton

By: Galin Jones, Xiaotong Shen

Publication date: 2013

IMS Collections, Volume 10

Title information

This volume is dedicated to and in honor of Morris L. Eaton, whose pioneering and fundamental research has spanned many areas with particular emphasis on multivariate statistics, decision theory, probability inequalities, invariance, and the foundations of Bayesian inference. Perhaps less well-known are his substantial contributions to many applied problems in clinical trials and other topics in biostatistics. The contributions to this volume, from Eaton's collaborators, colleagues, friends and former students, reflect his broad interests and cover topics on inference, Markov chain Monte Carlo, multivariate analysis, and corporate bond pricing models, among others. Edited by Galin Jones and Xiaotong Shen.

Pages: 157
Language: English
Publisher: Institute of Mathematical Statistics
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Galin Jones, Xiaotong Shen